Foot, my dear foot

Take care of your feet to prevent dryness and keep them pretty.

Our feet support an intense overload daily. With a busy routine, we tend to not pay attention to our feet, and this may result in dryness and cracking.

The feet’s dry and rough skin may be more than an aesthetic problem. Your foot houses a complex musculoskeletal system that supports your whole body throughout life. When caring of your feet, you help reduce the chances of knee, hip and back pain.

Some tips of simple measures that may avoid future complications for your feet are:

Clean feet are always healthy.

The feet’s well-being starts with hygiene and relaxation. After showering, you should carefully dry your feet, eliminating accumulated humidity that give rise to ringworm and smell.

Soft feet are prettier.

Better than having clean feet is when they’re also soft. The heel is the area that goes dry the most, so it needs special attention.

Relaxed feet are happy feet.

Massages are also welcome and very important. With a cream or oil, you can massage it yourself. Rub your hands all over the foot, slightly pressuring with your fingers, in a circular motion.

When you take good care of your feet, they’ll never let you down.

Did you have a long day? Put your feet up! There’s nothing better than resting your feet on a pillow. Besides relaxing, it improves blood circulation, helping minimize possible swellings in the lower region of the body.

Your feet will be grateful!!

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